Terms Of Service

  • For non-CPM purchases, send a DM to Dret Dormsor including the amount and type of products you want to buy. Tell us if you want to pick up your order or ask for delivery (delivery fee and availability will be discussed per DM).
  • Buyer sends first or a trusted middle will be used.
  • For non-CPM purchases: Don't send credits before we tell you to do so!
  • Order will be madeover after pickup or delivery.
  • CPM listings could be handled in a different way if stated in the listing.
  • All products are undocked, undamaged and unshielded unless otherwise specified.
  • All stations, ships and vehicles could be sold with doors installed. Check our door installation services for details.
  • All products located on our pickup locations need to be picked up within 30 days. If you don't pick them up until the end of the deadline, you have two options:
    • DM us to arrange further safekeeping of your order.
    • Cancel the deal (will happen automatically if the customer doesn't answer within 7 days after we send out the end of deadline DM).
      You'll be refunded 90% of your order value. 10% will be kept to cover logistics that were needed to prepare your order.