SatNet deployment:

We're offering deployment of your SatNet. Instead of buying the T-24s from us and set up the scan grid by yourself, you could buy the product and the service together. Just tell us where you want the T-24s to be deployed. Deploying fee is 750,000 credits per system.
Note: We expect you to care for permissions. We won't help you to set up a SatNet in your enemy's systems. Our services are meant to help you to defend yourself.

Door installation:

You probably know that installing doors on your entities is an effective measure to protect yourself from being arrested or preventing others from stealing your things. However, not everyone bought himself a toolkit yet and only few have enough time to spend on door installation. If you are one of those unlucky ones or just don't want to take care of it by yourself, you could order us to install the doors.

Door typePrice per door
Standard doorStandard door250,000
Reinforced doorReinforced door500,000
Blast doorBlast door800,000

If you want doors on entities you ordered from us, doors will be installed before makeover. If you want doors on entities owned by yourself, we expect you to make them over to Dret Dormsor for the period of door installation. This is to ensure safety of our pilots and isn't negotiable. We know that many customers will feel unpleasant when thinking of making over their things to get some doors installed, but this is how we did it in the past and all former customers have been happy with the outcome.
If you don't want to make the entity over to us, a trusted middle can be used.