Since the first appearance of bandits and creatures on the former void planets of the galaxy, sentients have been seizing the chance to train their skills in combat and ambush. We are aware of customers wanting to fight alongside some comrades as well of those wanting to have a reliable bodyguard to protect themselves against ambushes from their enemies.
For this purpose we used the techniques we were able to optimize during our long career as army officers to get you the outstanding soldiers you deserve.
Knowing that also the poor waged people want to protect themselves, we offer NPCs in different price categories. High quality protection for big pockets and decent protection for small pockets.
All NPCs are sold in full squads (12 beings).

NPC conditions:

  • Skill points unassigned by default
  • If you don't know which skill set will suit your needs, contact us and we'll work something out... for free!
  • Individual deals are possible. Just send a DM to Dret Dormsor and tell us what you want.

Available Squads:

RaceNPC TypeLevelPriceAvailable
GandGandMelee Combat Trooper1015,000,000 CreditsYES
SanyassanSanyassanRifleman1015,000,000 CreditsNO
Melee Combat TrooperMixed RacesMelee Combat Trooper1012,000,000 CreditsYES
Heavy Weapons SpecialistMixed RacesHeavy Weapons Specialist1012,000,000 CreditsYES
RiflemanMixed RacesRifleman55,000,000 CreditsYES